Training and Development

As long-standing experts in organizational development, we recognize that the first step towards the growth of any organization is investing in your employees. It is for this reason that we at Halisi Consulting have developed a variety of training programs all tailored towards enhancing the holistic growth of your employees. These include:

Employee wellness program

This uniquely designed productivity enhancement program takes your staff through a four-phased training entailing: shredding the past, living in the present, creating the future and meaningful connections. The program aims at guiding employees in dealing with barriers and consequently enhances their productivity.

Personal Development Training

Employees who are content with their personal lives are generally more productive at the workplace. Hence, this is program designed to facilitate employee growth outside the work place with the ultimate aim of ensuring satisfaction at the personal level. The key areas covered in this training include: personal finance management, work-life balance and separation preparedness.

Organizational Development

Halisi Consulting has developed this program with the growth of companies in mind. It equips employees with skills which upon application accelerate organizational growth. Some of the aspects covered in this package include communication skills, teamwork among others.

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