Communication Services

Communication is central to the success of any organization, big or small. In many organizations where we have carried our assignments, we have found that communication is usually at the heart of many challenges organizations face.

Building effective communication structures, systems, and channels is therefore critical in minimizing challenges, enhancing teamwork, and ensuring organizational goals are met. At Halisi Consulting, we support you to build a strong communications culture. We help in:

  • Communications audit
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Documentation & Report writing
  • Communication Training
  • Health Communication
  • Communication for Development
  • Rapporteuring

Clients served include:

  • United Nations Office - Nairobi
  • Association for Strengthening Agriculture Research in Eastern & Central Africa (ASARECA)
  • The World Bank (Nairobi office)
  • Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)
  • International Livestock Research International (ILRI)
  • Food for the Hungry
  • Farm Concern International (FCI)
  • Africa Conservation Tillage (ACTs)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ – Southern & Eastern Africa office
  • Africa Harvest Biotech Foundational International (AHBFI)

We have worked on assignments spanning several countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya.




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