Coaching is a strategy used to help clients achieve their fullest potential and achieve their goals. It helps to strike a balance between one’s personal and professional life and is also known to provide empowerment and support in a variety of ways. Whether seeking change or clarity over life, coaching always goes a long way in making a difference.

In this respect, Halisi Consulting offers coaching services in three different dimensions: life coaching, business coaching and executive coaching. The first dimension is focused on individual clients and what they want in life. Professional coaches are assigned to help individuals chart a map for the achievement of their life goals.

The second dimension focuses on individuals looking to set up a business or those already in business. Coaches at Halisi Consulting guide such entrepreneurs in defining their goals and identifying the inhibiting factors in their businesses. In addition, guidance is provided on possible business growth strategies that result in enhanced productivity and increased profits.

The last dimension which is executive coaching is a specialized management development program. Its focus is on guiding business executives on how to be effective managers and how to deal with management problems. It further seeks to help executives find their own solutions and expand their capacity and resources to take effective action, create lasting impact and to also reshape their personal and professional lives.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 09:12