Halisi Consulting is an advisory firm established with the view of driving organizations and individuals towards prosperity. To this end, we help our clients improve performance and stimulate growth by diagnosing and addressing performance inhibitors while enhancing performance drivers.

Our well-resourced and internationally experienced team works in collaboration with our clients to deliver tangible results with sustainable impact.

Given the diversity of the clients we have served over the years, we have developed strong capabilities in strategy development and execution; human resource services; communications services; coaching and training; amongst others.


Our Dream

A thousand satisfied clients.


Our Purpose

To create tangible learning, growth, and impact for our clients through superior diagnosis and effective solutions for organizational challenges.



Passion- We do what we do because we love it! Getting paid for it is a bonus.

Innovation- Yesterday’s solutions will not solve today’s challenges. We choose to think different and to develop high-impact solutions for our clients’ problems.

Growth- Any assignment we take on is a wasted opportunity if we do not help the client realize tangible growth. We grow when our clients grow.

Integrity- We relentlessly pursue honesty and fairness in all our dealings

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